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The official swgc Dawning of 2014…

With the sun shining and no sign of rainfall it was clear that it was going to be a great outdoor event, the excitement started building up with the coaches from all SWGC sites starting to arrive at the Head Office of the College in Molapo, Soweto where the Opening ceremony was held. Ironically it was George Tabor campus who arrived first as if they knew what was coming their way, Did they know or are they always the earliest bird in everything they do? Well that’s a question of another day but we stand to see…
The vibrant and energetic Master of Ceremony Mr R. Mosiane got things right underway by Ms Statu(Dobsonville Campus manager) to open the ceremony with a prayer, followingMs Statu was Mr DL Nkosi(College Principal/CEO) who was stood up by a great cheer from his staff members and few students who were invited to the ceremony for various reasons. The college principal declared how happy he was to be standing in front of all college staff members who attended the ceremony and he officially welcomed them(Old and new staff) to the college for this prestigious year. Like many great leaders of different organizations worldwide,Mr DL Nkosi started his speech by encouraging his staff members to learn from people who are doing well in their respective fields as he is also doing that on a daily basis, He also challenged them to ask themselves to ask this “Why are you there and why am here????” Finding a relevant answer to that question might spare you to success. The Principal also stressed out how technology is important in today’s modern learning and as such the college has bought tablets with pre-loaded learning material for all Level 4 NC(V) students.“The initial plan was also to extend the pilot to the N6 students, but publishers were found not to have the material in ready e-format for the N6. “This is a pilot which the College is determined to progressively extend to all students of the College, starting with the 300 NC (V) Level 4 students this year and later include N6 in 2015, followed by NC (V) Level 3 students”, the Principal said!“The project is to be accomplished in 2018 where all full – time students of the college will be in a position of tablet device”, the Principal said!
“How dare you say you can teach us about technology when you are not on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?’’ he rhetorically asked. He also announced that the College has installed Wi-Fi Routers at all college sites so that the students and staff members can flexibly and freely access the internet through their smartphones, tablets and laptops as long as they are around College sites. The College Principal finished off his welcome speech by declaring 2014 as “Catch us if you can year” with this statement it will be interesting to see what SWGC has planned for this year and how will the college perform overall.
What an ambitious man he is!
In between the items the attendees kept on tapping their feet thanks to SWGC Band which consist of our very own students from the Dobsonville Campus of which many of our special guests thought we have hired a band from outside. The programme progressed and it was time for a big one, Presentation of Campus awards! This Item was presented by someone who has won several awards before as he was once a Campus manager, someone who knows how it feels like to win an award at campus Level Mr J Monyamane (Acting deputy Principal: academic affairs and operations). The first award to be presented was Best Preforming Award and it went to the George Tabor Campus by (72,00%) who won it for the Third time now in a row, The Second best Campus going to Roodepoort campus Who Received the award in the absence of their campus manager, following the Campus award was the Best campus with highest number of certificates archived and it went to George Tabor campus with (661) certificates achieved, then it was now time for best campus with high retention rate which was scooped by Roodepoort campus by(81,00%), then campus with most distinctions went to George Tabor Campus with a whopping  416 Distinctions, and lastly a campus with the most improved results which went to Dobsonville campus by (6,5%).
At an organization there is always this group of workers who are doing well in their job and at SWGC we honor those who are working very hard to be on top of their game, in this regard we give recognition to top 100 Lectures and we brand them as Platinum Club 100, this award was presented by the Curriculum manager of the College Mr T Sekobane and the Platinum Club 100 award was followed by Top Ten Lecturer’s awards and Senior Lectures awards respectively. It wouldn’t make sense to honor Lecturers without honoring students, after taking our hats off to lectures that did well we turned our focus now to students who performed well  Top Ten NC(V) and Top Ten (Report 191) students, at last it was time for special announcement which left several students astound! This after they were told that they are jetting off to the Netherlands with no cost as this was the reward for the great job they have done! What a moment that was and overall it was a great Ceremony all together.
Closing the event was Mr A Schlemmer(Deputy Principal: Corporate affairs and planning), Giving thanks to sponsors Macmillan and Pearson, the Staff, SMT and the Marketing Department for putting together such a great event.
SWGC, Period! Enough said!

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