2nd Semester Admission 2024

Apply for 2nd Semester from 13 March to 31 May 2024

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Join the SWGC Alumni Association now!

Benefits of joining Alumni Association

  • Alumni Receptions and Network opportunities

Alumni associations offer networking opportunities, which connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes. Networking takes many forms, i.e. through online career fairs, and virtual networking events with tips for job interviews. & etc


  • Alumni Events

These events help alumni build a community and stay connected with friends from college. Alumni events are also a great networking tool.


Alumni associations typically plan the biggest alumni event, too: reunions. If you’ve always dreamed of planning a college reunion, join the alumni association and volunteer for the reunion committee.


  • Career Services

Alumni association offer career support for recent grads and longtime alumni. Career services can help professionals choose a career path, transition into a new field, and explore career opportunities.


  • Give Back to future students

The college relies on its alumni to help current students and graduates to help future students in several ways. It could be through your connections to the business and Industry, or by participating in the student admission processes. 


  • Email access

SWGC Alumni memberships come with permanent access to a college-affiliated email address – usually, the one you got while you were a student. Alumni use this email address to show affiliation with the college and connect with other alumni.


  • Staying Connected to your

Whether you graduated decades ago or you’re still in college, an alumni association helps you maintain a link with your school. SWGC alumni associations welcome members back to campus regularly, including for events like reunions and networking.