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History has been made in one of our campuses in Soweto Molapo ,our very first  entrepreneurship development seminer which was a great success which touched a lot of socio and economic issues.It was a very empowering event to small business owners around soweto.  

Entrepreneurship / SMME Seminar The college hosted an entrepreneurship/small, medium, micro enterprise (SMME) seminar at one of its campuses in Soweto – Molapo Campus on the 31st May & 1st April 2016.  Soweto, like most SA townships, has economic pressures, with many of its people unemployed, whilst many others are making out a living from small businesses and even more engaged in survivalist informal trade activities, which hardly afford the people any sustainable economic survival.   The college sees itself as a possible catalyst to the socio and economic challenges faced by the communities in its surrounding. It had long been the view of the college that the inculcating of entrepreneurship among people in a country, starting with the youth, is a sure way to, over time; break the spine of poverty, inequality and unemployment. We also know that there are other countries where the promotion of entrepreneurship and small business activity has turned the fortunes of citizens round.   Ideas and models of encouraging enterprise development on this two day seminar were shared. On the first day, renowned speakers shared various insights and best practices, with all of it ending with break-away commissions to further explore the different aspects of entrepreneurship.  On the second day, there were two speakers and the programme concluded with reports from break-away commissions.  The outcomes of the break-away sessions resulted in the college being requested to host such seminars on a regular basis and the college obliging.  

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