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 2015 Picture 2 - Mr. Dan L. Nkosi, handind an award to the College StudentAWARDS CEREMONY
This is a yearly function which the College host to award the hard-working students who obtained distinctions at their respective subjects, as a symbolic to say thank you to students for job well-done and heartening them to keep their study momentum going.   On the 14th of March 2015 at the Walter Sisulu hall in Kliptown, the South West Gauteng College hosted the Awards ceremony in a full-to-capacity Walter Sisulu Hall, awarding certificates to all students who pulled out all stops and attained distinctions at their studies in 2014. Among the attendees, we had industry stakeholders, Members of the Department of Higher Education and Training, including the Gauteng Department of Education as well as School Principals, SETAs, parents and friends to cite the least. It was, above all! A good and pleasant experience to all who were in the hall to eye witnesses the determined students ascending the stage to collect their certificates.
How often does one get a charismatic, energetic and inspirational speaker that spread the energy to the audience! Motivational Speaker of the day Mr. Lesego Tau of Touching Motive consulting who shared a story about his upbringing, his life at Wits University and how debts nearly destroyed his life seemed to be a perfect fit as he easily caught the attention of his audience.
2014 Dux Student!
Nothing happens in vacuum! Indeed, that was the crest of the wave at the Walter Sisulu hall! This taxes a lot of determination! Certainly, his desire to achieve the best tips the balance in her favour to success. This untouchable student from the Molapo Campus, Electrical Engineering – Report 191, student by the name Mr. Hlungwani N.L proved that the limitation to success is none but ourselves
The following are Top achievers for Report 191:

Surnames & Initial (s) NATED/REPORT Average Percentage
  1. Hlungwani NL
Electrical N1 Average % Achieved:91.00%
  1. Olivier ME
Hospitality & Catering N4 Average % Achieved:84.00%
  1. Mathibe T
Marketing Management N4 Average % Achieved:83.00%
  1. Zwane NF
Educare N4 Average % Achieved:80.25%
  1. Lemos A
Human Resources N4 Average % Achieved:80.25%
  1. Majozi D
Financial Management N5 Average % Achieved:79.75%
  1. Lekukela L
Business Management N4 Average % Achieved:78.25%
  1. Mapetla LL
Management Assistant N4 Average % Achieved:72%
  1. Mogase M
Public Management N5 Average % Achieved:70.75%

The following are Top achievers for NC (V):  

Surname & Initial (s) Level Percentage average
  1. Ndiweni VT
Finance, Economics& Accounting L3 Average % Achieved: 87.86%
  1. Dladla PD
Education & Development L2 Average % Achieved: 86.00%
  1. Phaka IK
MechanicaI Engineering N1 Average % Achieved: 85.75%
  1. Mangele MZ
Safety in Society L3 Average % Achieved: 85,71%
  1. Njanga NC
Office Administration L2 Average % Achieved: 85.00%
  1. Peyi AS
Marketing L3 Average % Achieved: 84.86%
  1. Ramokolo N
Tourism L2 Average % Achieved: 84.14%
  1. Montsho T
Civil Engineering & Building Construction L2 Average % Achieved: 83.29%
  1. Nchabeng ND
Transport & Logistics L2 Average % Achieved: 81.00%
  1. Gogoshe WN
Electrical L2 Average % Achieved: 77.86%
  1. Mfanama TBL
Information Technology & Computer Science L2 Average % Achieved: 76.00%
  1. Nhlabathi
ERD L2 Average % Achieved: 75.57%


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