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Your daily risk assessment HealthCheck tool

In these trying times we are gratified to announce the successful development of the tailor-made HIGHER HEALTH-NDOH COVID-19 Integrated Digital Risk Screening Assessment and Mapping tool for the Post-Schooling Education and Training Sector – also known as HealthCheck.
This tool allows for early screening, detection, mapping and management of COVID-19 cases within the PSET Sector.  Different platforms – USSD (Data free), WhatsApp and a simple web-based form – make for its easy use.
The tool was developed by HIGHER HEALTH, in support with the Department of Health, to meet the imminent deadline of the reopening of Public Universities, Technical and Vocational Training Colleges, Community Education and Training Colleges, Skills Centres, Private Higher Education Institutes, among others.
The importance of this tool cannot be overstated.
Since it is mandatory to screen daily, before being allowed to access a public space, HIGHER HEALTH was intent on supporting the PSET sector with a daily screening tool. HIGHER HEALTH HealthCheck can be used for all staff, students and any other service provider entering a campus or a residence, to screen on a daily basis. It will assist with the early detection of possibly infected individuals thereby allowing them to be isolated to prevent any further spread. This will also link such individuals to the requisite care through the NDOH and NICD tracking and tracing system.  The tool is aligned to NDOH screening protocols and algorithms.
Upon completing the screening assessment you will be provided with a clearance certificate with your name, date and time, and can be used as a clearance certificate for quick entry to our campuses. Those identified as moderate to high risk to COVID-19 will be further guided by the Digital Risk assessment tool or HealthCheck towards further isolation, testing and linkage to care.
daily screening → early detection → isolation → prompt care → following DOH testing criteria → quarantine → linkage to treatment, care and support = lives saved.
To access the tool: