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Welcome to South West Gauteng TVET College.

NC (V) is a three-year TVET curriculum, which culminates in the awarding of the National Certificate (Vocational) [NC (V)] to students. This qualification is opening two doors to successful students. Since their education will have had a deliberate vocational slant, the students completing the NC (V) Level 4 qualification are able to enter the job market. 

The Level 4 NC (V) graduates are also able to proceed to Higher Education and pursue some post-NQF Level 4 education at Universities or Universities of Technology, depending on their results in Level 4. If they choose this route, they do so on a very strong technical foundation, which they have obtained from their three years at the College. The entry requirements for Higher Education for students who have completed NC (V) Level 4 qualification can be obtained from the College’s website www.swgc.co.za or the College Prospectus.

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The Report 191 (NATED) N4-N6 Programmes, also known as ALTERNATIVE POST SCHOOL PROGRAMMES, are offered in Engineering, Business, and Utility Studies. To complete the qualification, the student must complete the required 2000 working hours in the relevant field of study.

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This section deals with programmes that include a formal work-integrated learning component. In particular, it describes programmes leading to Occupational Certificates. These qualifications have a strong occupational focus, with work-based learning as a central pillar.

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Blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional classroom instruction with online learning activities. This hybrid model allows students to have more flexibility in their learning, as they can access course materials and complete assignments online while still receiving in-person instruction and support from their teachers.

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