1. Post: Chief Administration Officer                           

Title:                                        Assets Supervisor

Ref:                                          HO/ASTS/01/2017

DPSA Salary Level:                 7

Basic Salary Scale:                   R226 611 per annum (excl. service benefits)

Job Requirements

  • A Grade 12 / Matric Certificate
  • A 3-year financial qualification (National Diploma or Degree)
  • At least 3 years Accounting and Auditing of Fixed Assets Registers and general ledger experience on an accounting system EXCLUDING excel.
  • Experience working with Accounting packages e.g Pastel, ITS, ACCPAC, etc
  • Experience working in Supply Chain Management and Creditors Reconciliations
  • Valid driver’s licence

Duties /Responsibilities

  • Assuring and supervising: that all assets are captured daily on a ITS fixed assets register system for the entire college.
  • Fixed assets register is broken down into assets categories; Furniture and Fittings, vehicle, IT equipment, buildings and Workshop Equipment
  • Assets being depreciated by its useful life value periods for the previous and current year.
  • Acquisition dates and values are captured
  • Assets are allocated per location
  • Monthly reconciliation of asset register and general ledger
  • Assuring that the college’s new and replaced assests are adequately insured at cost per invoice
  • Reporting any theft, loss and claims of damaged of any assets to the insurer before lapse period 30 days
  • Completing insurance claim forms regarding any theft, damages and send to insurance with serial number, barcodes and locations of incident
  • Assuring and supervising: that all old existing and new assets are being bar coded and recorded on assets register after being delivered within 48 hours
  • Identification of college assets
  • Assist in tracking in cases of theft
  • Assuring and supervising that: inventories are being printed and updated monthly through assets ve
  • Assets movement is being monitored per locations and updated on asset register
  • Serves as register of assets per location serial or barcode numbers of assets are easily identified
  • Developing control measures by drafting assets forms
  • Putting assets procedures in place by completing security gate pass and transfer of assets forms.
  • Monitoring that college contract are well monitored regarding the service rendered that they meet standard requirement as per contract specification.
  • Liaising and making follow-up with service providers regarding machine toners and service calls
  • Seating on evaluations of tender process ensuring that the specification for tender and setup criteria for tender bids are followed.
  • Ensuring that all tenders are registered on closing time and kept safe
  • Preparing tender files a week before for evaluation meeting.
  • Records or correct typed information at assets committee and bid evaluation minutes are distributed on time to staff
  • Ensure free error minutes and all important information recorded that was discussed in the meeting for future reference.

Job qualities

  • Good coordination and communication skills.
  • Good decision making, escalate issues if necessary.
  • Analytical and do follow ups.
  • Be able to work under pressure be able to work within a team.


  1. Post: Administration Clerk [5 posts]

Title:                                                          Finance Clerk

Ref:                                                            HO/FIN/01/2017 HO/FIN/02/2017 HO/FIN/03/2017 HO/FIN/04/2017 and HO/FIN/05/2017

DPSA Salary Level                                    5

Basic Salary Scale:                                     R142 461 per annum (excl service benefits)

Job Requirements

  • A Grade 12/Matric Certificate
  • A 3-year financial qualification (National Diploma or Degree)
  • At least 1 years financial experience
  • Experience working with Accounting packages e.g Pastel, ITS, ACCPAC, etc
  • Experience working in Supply Chain Management and Creditors Reconciliations

Key Performance Areas

  • Ensure that all the bank reconciliations for all the College’s bank accounts have been performed up to month end and that all reconciling items are valid outstanding items and that any items which were not valid (e.g. stale cheques) have been resolved appropriately (e.g. stale cheques written back and follow up made to arrange payment to supplier).
  • Ensure that all payments made from all the Petty Cash accounts have been captured in the College’s cash books.
  • Perform a review of the accounts and supporting documentation for each supplier account on the Colleges Supplier Ledger and request any further supporting documents which may not have been received, (e.g. Request the Supplier Invoice from the supplier if a payment was made on the account, but no invoice has been captured; or request the order and / or GRN from the College’s Supply Chain Management department if an invoice has been captured without an order and GRN; or request a supplier statement from the supplier if none has been received.). Capture all the further documentation which was received.
  • Independently recalculate the registration fees, tuition fees and residence fees from the enrolment data of the College and reconcile the recalculated figures with the totals invoiced on the College’s financial system.
  • Determine the extent to which performance on the contract has occurred and how much revenue has accrued to the College in terms of the contract. Record and issue invoices for each contract for the revenue which has accrued to the College during the month.
  • From attendance registers, identify the students which qualify for receiving travel and / or accommodation allowances and pay out the allowances to the relevant parties in line with the College policy in this regard. Prior to creating the payment file, test that the receipt from NSFAS pertaining to the specific student’s allowance has been allocated to the control account used for this purpose and that the credit balance on the control account is at least equal to the allowance to be paid.
  • Analyse all debtors accounts and all debtors which have not paid their accounts in full within the allowed time period and for accounts with credit balances, inspect any correspondence of the debtors account or file to identify any errors and resolve any issues appropriately (i.e. by correcting errors on the College accounts). Ensure that all accounts which have not been settled in full are flagged for collection follow up by the College’s debt collection department and that accounts with credit balances are resolved appropriately.
  • Inspect the GL Accounts for the assets, as well as the accounts to which misallocations may have been posted (e.g. repairs and maintenance accounts) and correct any allocation errors to ensure that all asset purchases and disposals have been recorded in accordance with GRAP 17 PPE.
  • The payroll transactions should be recorded in the College’s general ledger on a monthly basis. For the College payroll, the payroll amounts should be reconciled to the GL accounting entries for payroll payments that were made and payroll control accounts should be balanced on a monthly basis.

Job qualities

  • Financial background and should be good with numbers
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Honest, reliable and have good communication skills
  • Work under pressure

Note: All costs incurred due to your application and interviews will be at your own expense.

  • No faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted • Due to the large number of applications we envisage receiving, applications will not be acknowledged and correspondence will only be conducted with short-listed candidates • If you have not been contacted within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.

NB! The college reserves the right not to appoint and/or withdraw the posts.

Closing date of the applications is 06 October 2017 at 12:00


For enquiries please contact Ms. M. Santho, Mr. T. Mophaleng and Ms. N. Zondi on 0101402011 or 0861768849