Ms. NP Tsokolibane Council Chairperson

IMG_7561It is now widely accepted that ‘education proper’ occurs within a person, and is not something that is imposed onto a person from outside. Yes, the trigger to this all-important internally occurring process called education may be an external stimulus, but the actual process of education occurs within a person and even glows in the personality of the educated person. South West Gauteng College, as an institution of learning and the wide variety programmes it offers, as captured in the following pages can only lay claim to being a capable partner in the igniting of the process or flame of learning, within its students. It is this partnership between the student and the College which makes it possible for each student to become the best that they can be.  As such the College does not inject education into people.

Over the years, young and not-so-young people have joined this partnership with the college as students and have worked with the college to turn their dreams into reality.

The variety of programmes on offer ensures that everyone is able to choose a path or journey which is appropriate and suited to their own natural ‘wiring, for, each human life is a success story waiting to be told and written in its own peculiar way.

Many who joined this college in previous years have come out as Administrators, Electrical and Mechanical Artisans, Human Resources Practitioners, IT Technicians, Police Officers, Accounting Assistants, Educare Practitioners – the list is endless. The possibilities and programmes on offer have become even more varied, as is evident in the pages that follow.

Every prospective student going through this prospectus should find a programme or study direction which either synchronizes with their inner self, or points to a career of their choice. Whatever your own choice, follow it and dare to dream!

Our guarantee to you is that you will not fault the level of stimulation and support which will be made available to you as a student of this College, regardless of the campus you will be enrolled at.

May the future foreword to this publication be about how you were assisted to make your own dream come true!

Dare to dream and trust SWGC to go the long haul with you!