Mr. Dan L. Nkosi The Principal

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Buildings and physical facilities of a College do not make a College, important as these are in education and training. It is people who make an institution – educators, administrators, support staff, managers and, importantly, students.South West Gauteng College uses mostly modern and state of the art facilities for the delivery of its programmes at its six campuses spread over Soweto, Randburg and Roodepoort in Johannesburg. In the coming year, these facilities will be improved even further for the benefit of, in particular, the students of the College!It is however the people who will be put in front of you, as a student, in your lecture room and in the administration offices that we pride ourselves with, our educators and or programme facilitators and other support personnel. They love their work and will treat you with utmost respect as students. They are themselves learners who are trying to keep abreast with the demands of the new and ever-changing curriculum that they will be helping you with and so they will stretch you, rather than stifle you in your learning. Prepare to work hard and enjoy doing so!

You will have noted in the first paragraph that students are the most important element of the College equation – without students there is no College and we cannot lay claim to being practising education and training practitioners. After all, the College exists for the sole purpose of providing education and training to students.

We therefore want you to see this College that is depicted in this prospectus, South West Gauteng College, as one where you as a student are placed at the centre of everything we do. We call ourselves successful when our students succeed with their studies and also with their post-College endeavours.

The College”s programme offerings are varied and appeal to the tastes and ambitions of many people. You will also find a programme which will appeal to you, and once you have found your own programme, follow the steps given for enrolling, attend the orientation programme, and ask whatever questions you may have, make the College your own and work with us to make your dream come true, like the many who have done so before you.

Should money be a problem, do not worry, since most of the programmes in this prospectus are covered by the Department”s bursary for needy and academically capable students. Ask at any campus about the means test, which determines if you qualify for a bursary. Some of the programmes are also available on e-learning / distance delivery mode, whilst many of the College campuses offer programmes both on full-time and part-time mode – all intended for your convenience.

Remember, the College is much bigger than this prospectus and so, talk to us if you do not find what you are looking for in the prospectus!

Note that for the past two years the College has been sending its Top Ten students College-wide, in terms of academic performance overseas to our partner College Noorderpoort in the Netherlands, just for being in the College”s Top Ten. That is something you can work towards after registering with the College. This is just one of the many life-changing possibilities and opportunities of being a student at SWGC!

You will soon understand why, many people stop and listen when our students declare in unison, that: ”SWGC, Period! Enough Said! They do not stop there, by the way, they also say…indeed, it is ”cool2b@SWGC!” Who can blame them?
Dan L Nkosi


Ps. One of the requirements of newly promulgated Education Amendment Laws (FETC Amendment Bill, 2011), is that institutions should have a Financial Disclosure Policy and managers and employees in institutions should regularly sign disclosure declarations, indicating their financial interests and if they, or members of their immediate families are doing any business with the college. The college’s HR unit will be visiting campuses, explaining the college’s Financial Disclosure Policy and assisting with the signing of the declarations. These declarations are confidential and will need to be treated with absolute confidentiality by HR.
I look forward to welcoming you as a student of South West Gauteng College and to hear you join these declarations!

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