Hulisani Mani SRC President

Dear prospective students

It is my honor and privilege, for me to welcome you on behalf of the Student Representative Council (SRC) of South West Gauteng TVET College.

As SRC we are committed to fight for transformation of our educational system, more than 240 000 students are not funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training, we commit to our constituency that no student will be denied access to education due to underfunding of the TVET sector.

We encourage students to use this opportunity that has been afforded to them, by committing to your studies and ensure that you uphold the flag of SWGC high.“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it”. By Frantz Fanon. As this generation our mission to obtain economic freedom and this will be achievable if free quality education is obtained by our current generation.

We continue to advocate for our educational system to align with the economic regional demands, this will ensure that our students are employable and able to participate in the main stream of economy. We call for government, private sector and the community to come forward and advice the college with any skills that are required within their space.

Students are encouraged to participate in all student’s activities this include, art and culture, sports and student’s clubs.

To all students who are doing their last term, note that you are ambassadors of SWGC, represent us well when you go to the work industry. As SRC of SWGC we commit to serve, suffer and sacrifices for the good cause of the students and at no point will we compromise.

We welcome you to SWGC and wish you a fruitful academic year.

Hulisani Mani

SRC President 2016/2017