Dear Management

It was 2013 January when I joined South West Gauteng TVET College as a student at Dobsonville campus; studying Business Management. Within the same year around March 2013 I was elected as the SRC President. I had the privilege of being part of two highest decision making bodies that is College Council and Academic Board member. Last year February 2015 I started my internship at Roordepoort West campus as Assets Control and Procurement. Then I was appointed as a Student Support Officer at Technisa from January 2016 till now.

As I reflect on my journey and the impact and role that South West Gauteng TVET College staff members and leadership has played in my life; I can’t help it but be emotional about it! South West Gauteng TVET College has been nothing but a positive catalyst in my development and career, the platforms that you allowed me to stand in and the experience and knowledge gained can’t be compared. I can say with confidence that I am a pure product of South West Gauteng TVET College.

As I serve my last days before my contract end and continue with my preparation to fly to Massachusetts, Boston in USA to study at Bunker Hill Community College; please allow me to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who contributed to my development be it by a word of encouragement or advise. Your efforts and work has resulted to a story that is still continuing. As much as I can’t write each and every one of you by name please know I am grateful and appreciative.

A special thank you to the Principal of the college Mr. DL. Nkosi for leading us. You’ve always demanded more when it comes to me and you never allowed me to lower the bar even though I always failed to see what you see in me but I do hope one day I will see what you see and begin to live by it!

To College Council lead by Ms. NP Tsokolibane thank you for the advice and leadership in holding us accountable as a college, thank you for always reminding us why we are here.

To Marketing Manager Mrs P. Makhaphela you have shown trust in me in many ways, the risk you took just to allow me to stand in platforms I wouldn’t dreamt about, thank you.

To Mr. SK. Makhaphela I have found more than just a manager in you, the conversations we have and the love I receive from you it’s just amazing than you.

To Mr. T Mophaleni and Ms. Ntladi together with the Human Resource department thank you for giving me the opportunity I hope I did not disappoint you, I will forever be grateful

Our campus managers without you there wouldn’t be teaching and learning taking place, your role in leading us on the ground is important in us achieving the goal set. A particular thanks to Mr. J. Makola sir I appreciate the professionalism you demand in us and the high level of accountability you hold us; Ms. Mashile and Ms. Statu I have found mothers in you, you have created a home at work, your advices are appreciated.

Lecturers I come here because of learning and I passed because of the teaching and lessons I received from you, thank you so much, you influence how one thinks and how one views the world.

To the HOA Ms. S. Sebola and Ms. P. Seokwang you’ve allowed me to be myself and respected me despite the age difference and title, its humbling and challenging. Ke ya le boha batswadi!

The people I work with on a daily basis the Student Support Officers, your selflessness in serving is amazing, nobody would understand the pressure and sacrifices you make in making sure that you

serve and make sure students successfully apply  for NSFAS and coping within the college. I will miss you so much I have grown since I joined this department.

Mr. Thaga and Mr. Sekobane I have nothing but respect and admiration for the both of you!

To those I might not have mentioned by name please know I am grateful and forever grateful.

In conclusion.

South West Gauteng TVET College I will never forget! You have been a great place of learning and growing. Yes, I am far from reaching my goals but I do see the light. It has been great to be part of this amazing organization.

Once again thank you.


Tumelo Mosweu