The Corner of Excellence

The text, colour, feel, emotion and depth of excellence – we know it all and are sharing it with you in living colour in these pages. The Corner of Excellence is a page or pages in this website ( wherein we share information on our high achievers in the different programmes. These students have obtained percentages ranging from 70%, right up to one or more distinctions and Cum Laude in the different programmes.

Grab them for your company or organization before they are snatched by contacting our Student Support Manager, Mr. David Thaga at 083 395 4919/, or our Marketing Manager, Ms. Patience Makhaphela at 0836320651/ and if you find the listed ones in your programme of choice have all been taken, contact Mr. David Thaga and, or Ms. Patience Makhaphela still. Our gems are many. We will even give you a brief profile about each of them to ensure that you get the best employees for your organization.

And tell others that you found the gem of an employee at the Corner of Excellence at SWGC!!!



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