Who qualifies to get bursary?

  • Applicants must be a South African Citizen
  • Registered at South West Gauteng College for any NC (V) or Report 191 Programmes

What does the NFSAS bursary cover?

  • In allocating the bursary to a student, the College prioritises the tuition fee, book fees and any other relevant study material followed by transport allowance.
  • Accommodation will be allocated under very extreme circumstances, and mostly to existing recipients of accommodation allowance, who are making good academic progress.
  • Prospective students are therefore encouraged to enrol at nearby colleges.

How to apply?

  • Complete a Bursary application form available from any Student Support Offices at our campuses. The application form must be completed during the enrolment process.
  • Complete a Means Test at any of the Student Support Offices at a Campuses.
  • The MEANS TEST is administered to access your family’s financial situation, in order to see if you qualify to be provided with financial aid.
  • A Means Test Tool calculates what amount if any, your family will be expected to pay towards your studies for the year.

The following documents are needed when applying for the Bursary:

  • 2 * Certified copies of the student’s South African Identity Document or Birth Certificate
  • Certified Copies of parent(s)’s or  guardian’s South African Identity Documents
  • Proof of income (salary OR Pension statement) OR sworn Affidavit if proof is not available
  • For first time students, end of year results/ school learning results (Grade 9 to 12 eligible)
  • For new NC (V) Level 2 and Report 191 (N1 and N4) students, academic performance criteria will be applied using the school report from the preceding year and the selection and placement tool results.
  • For other students, previous year or trimester/semester results.
  • Proof of Residence i.e. water/electricity rates bill or affidavit.
  • Student must sign a declaration/summary  of the student code of conduct and the college’s ‘Stay the Course’ Declaration, where the student commits to attending all lectures and staying the course until completion.

General Information

  • NB: Bursaries are not guaranteed – even to students who are deemed needy through the means test. It is dependent on the Department’s total bursary allocation to the College and allocation is on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis.
  • Once the College’s total bursary allocation from the Department is exhausted, students who apply after that will be liable for payment of their own fees.
  • Should the student choose not to apply for a bursary, such student shall be liable for full payment of their studies and MUST pay a deposit, sign a commitment to pay the fees monthly, or where possible,  pay the full amount of the fees
  • Should a student dropout or deregister during the programme of study,  such a student shall be liable  to pay the full amount of  the bursary awarded during the course of  the study period.