Batho Phele Principles


The South West Gauteng TVET College is committed to the principles of Batho Pele and we fervently undertake to honour these principles.


We undertake to consult our customers on the level and quality of services provided. In this regard we;

  • Agree to consult organized formations of parents, educators and learners.
  • Hold an annual stakeholders’ meeting.
  • Interact with all stakeholders who have an interest in education.
  • Solicit your views via surveys and questionnaires.



All citizens, without reservations will have equal access to all services rendered. In this regard;

  • All offices will be accessible to the physically challenged.
  • Language barriers will be removed and citizens may use any of the official languages.
  • Discrimination on grounds of culture, creed, race, gender and sexual orientation will not be tolerated.



We will endeavour to treat all our customers with courtesy and consideration at all times. In this regard;

  • Citizens will be greeted in a friendly manner.
  • All staff will be identified by name-badges at all times.
  • Rude, impolite and discourteous attitudes and behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Telephone calls will be answered promptly and politely



Citizens have a right to full, accurate information of the services we render. In this regard;

  • Information in respect of our organizational structure will be available at all College Sites
  • Services may be accessed at any one of our 6 Campuses and 9 sites.
  • A prospectus of all programmes offered will be available at each Site.
  • Help desk staff will assist at each service campus/ site.



We do recognise that openness and transparency are the cornerstones of our democracy. In this regard we undertake to keep you informed in respect of the following;

  • Details of our location and contact persons.
  • Details of our senior staff and also who does what at our various campuses/sites.
  • Publish our performance against our targets.
  • Inform you as to how we use resources.
  • Report on the income we receive annually and.
  • Targets we set for each financial year.



We shall endeavour to use public resources efficiently, effectively and economically. In this regard we will;

  • Simplify systems, processes and procedures to eliminate wastage and inefficiency.
  • Rigorously apply performance management systems to enhance productivity at all levels.
  • Identify financial risk areas and manage them carefully.
  • Use resources to best advantage of all.
  • Procure goods and services to the best advantage of the College.
  • Strengthen management and control to prevent fraud, corruption and mal-administration.



We undertake to provide service of a high quality. In this regard we aim to;

  • Attend to all queries promptly.
  • Answer the telephone promptly.
  • Process applications within 30 days.
  • Acknowledge written complaints within 5 days
  • Deal with written requests within 21 days.
  • Pay our creditors within 30 days.
  • Reduce worker absenteeism by 1% per year.
  • Provide Student support material to 90%.
  • Increase the pass rate according the Annual Performance Plan
  • Increase enrolment as per the DHET target



We respect the right of citizens to complain if our services are poor or unsatisfactory. In this regard;

  • You may write to any one of the Campuses
  • We undertake to investigate and respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt.
  • We will endeavour to apologise and take corrective measures if it is our fault.
  • We will maintain a complaints registration and follow-up mechanism.
  • We undertake to treat any information on fraud and corruption seriously.
  • You may use the College number to report fraud, corruption and mal-administration.



When you telephone us, we will;

  • Answer calls as promptly as possible
  • Identify ourselves by name and Department
  • Assist you in a polite and helpful manner
  • If you cannot be helped, you will be referred to the appropriate person/section within the College

Contact details

Tel: 086 176 8846

Fax: 011 984 1262