Awards Ceremony 2017

 2017 Awards Ceremony

The South West Gauteng TVET College community comes together annually to celebrate student’s success at the Award Ceremony. This long-standing tradition recognises academic excellence and to honour students for their outstanding achievements.

On 15, 16 and 17, March 2017, College Campuses hosted its Awards Ceremonies for the students who obtained between one and two distinction and on 25 March, 2017, the college hosted the main Awards event at Molapo Campus, Soweto for all students who obtained three and more distinctions with an aggregate of 78% and above. The total Achieved Distinctions amounted to 4953 for both[NC (V) and Report 191in various subjects. This superseded the number of certificates that were awarded in 2015.

Among the attendees were staff, industry and business people, Government officials, guests, and parents who were celebrating with joy in support of their sons and daughter’s achievements and to eye witness the Top achieving students ascending the stage to collect their certificates.

Our commitment to partnership with business and industry has been key to the Colleges student’s success. These partnerships continue to develop and have extended beyond the practical component of the students, enhancing their vocational learning opportunities.

The 2016 Dux (Top) Student:

Mnguni HN from Molapo Campus doing Report 191 Civil Engineering N1 achieved an aggregate of 95.50% percentage, passing all his subjects with flying colours. ’’Dux’ ’students is the one who is ranking the most highest in the academic discipline.


Programme Director, thank you

(Press Presentation)

Good morning, Ladies and gentleman!  Thank you all for gracing this occasion! We need occasions such as these. Because, such occasions define who and what we are – much more than the episodes in our Parliament and in the recent Sundowns and Orlando Pirates game define us!  We are a nation in motion to something bigger and better and not a nation in self- destruction mode!

(Before I go any further, let me indicate that there is a mutual understanding between me and that screen – the screen only needs your eyes and I need your ears!. The screen is beautiful, but it can’t talk! I am no longer as handsome and as good to look as I was when I was younger, but I can talk! So, the screen shows its beauty, which I don’t have and I talk!  That way, we complement each other!)

Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of Council, Ms Tsokolibane and Mr Amos and all members of Council, present.

Reverend / Pastor

Deputy Director General for Corporate Management Services at the Department of Higher Education and Training, Ms Lulama Mbobo (Ms Mbobo, ladies and gentlemen, is our big boss from head office and we are highly honoured and thankful to her for gracing this occasion, today!) Other officials from the Department of Higher Education and Training  Welcome all of you!

Our honoured Guest Speaker, Ms Nono Tantsiwhom we are very delighted that she accepted our invitation to address, especially, our award recipients today!

Deputy Principals of the college, Mr Andre Schlemmer and CEO,Mr Mr Piwe Makaula, Mr Sidwell Manthata, who is coordinating the Academic Affairs, in the absence of the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs, Mr Monyamane, who is on sick leave Colleagues, members of the college’s Broad Management Team and Campus Management teamsRepresentatives and friends of the college from industry, sector education and training authorities (Setas) and other public institutions, and colleagues from sister colleges and neighbouring schools, present, Members of the college’s Platinum Club 100, who, ladies and gentlemen,  are educators of the college whose aggregate results for the year are between 90% to 100%! Yes, 90% to 100%!

President of the ( outgoing) SRC, Mr Hulisani Mani and members of the college SRC, in attendance. Colleagues, revered members of the SWGC staff from all the college’s campuses and sites. We call them ‘SWGCans’Parents, family members and guardians of our students Our ever- green College band from our Dobsonvile Music Academy! You can hire this band, ladies and gentleman for your social activities at a minimal fee, we also have a recording studio at the same Music Academy, which competes with the best in the country in terms of quality and capabilities! And, leaving best for last, our dear Award recipients!

Good morning again and welcome all to this very ‘glitterati’ of an event in the college’s annual calendar. This occasion is among those that showcase and celebrate the best of SWGC, who are among the best of South Africa! This is the Emmy’s or Grammy’s of vocational education in South Africa! For those who were glued on their TV sets, last Saturday, this is SWGC’s improved version of the SAFTAS in terms of vocational education and academic excellence!

Programme Director, we are known for telling it like it is, even in relation to our performance as a college! I will tell you, for example that our 2015 results had improved quite significantly, to a point that we spent a good part of 2016, walking on ‘cloud nine’! Our 2016 NC(V) results, on the other hand, underwent some decline and failed to match the achievement of 2015, whilst in Report 191, we registered some slight improvement! But the improvement fell below our expectation!

We, have however doubled the number of subject distinctions obtained by our students in 2016 to 4662, compared to 2040 in  2015, with Molapo Campus, leading the pack in terms of subject distinctions! Today’s ceremony is the ultimate, following smaller campus-based ceremonies, where students with 1 or 2 distinctions were being honoured. So, the students receiving awards today have obtained between 3 and 7 distinctions each!  So, these are South Africa’s cream of the crop! If other countries and nations name their best, we should not hesitate to mention the names of the students who are here today! And do this with a straight face!

I have, for the reason that I am speaking to special people, highly gifted people (these students who are here this morning), decided to be deliberately provocative. The students who are receiving awards today have at the very least, above average IQs and many even much higher IQs! Some have mastered the power of hard work  diligenceand commitment! People like you in other countries, as a norm, achieve great things for their countries and the world. They write their names on new innovations – new cars, new discoveries, new brands and a host of new other things!

The likes of you in Nigeria, Egypt, and Kenya are the reasons these countries of theirs are advancing and growing faster than your country, South Africa, economically! The likes of you in India, in South Korea, in Malaysia and China are leading the world in areas such as technology and innovation. These countries are making your clothes, your cars and computers, your fridges and your furniture – even the medicine you take when you are sick, in the case of India!

If this country has any hope to stand its ground among other countries and nations of the world – you are that hope! If this country declines, you will be among the causes of that decline! There must be a reason why you are at the top of your class and grade!

Among these ‘high-flying’ students of ours, Programme Director, dear parents , DDG Mbobo, are the college’s Top Ten students for 2016!  These students will be jetting off, together with their Top Two Educators, on a fully-sponsored ‘dream-come true’ trip to visit our partner college in the Netherlands! Our partner college, Noorderpoort College in the Netherlands has been sponsoring this tip for the past 8 years!  These Top Ten students will spend ten days in the Netherlands, experiencing the Dutch culture, attending classes and, importantly, having fun -just for doing that which their parents sent them to college to do – come to college everyday, work hard and achieve great results!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is SWGC!  Our students do not stop there!  They say: ‘SWGC Period! Enough Said!’ We congratulate all of you and express our pride, as a college, in all of you!

We will also use this occasion to award certificates of recognition to our outgoing SRC of 2016 and thank them for their contribution to the college in 2016.

And welcome all, once again, and thanks for being here to share this moment with us and our students and their parents!


Dan L Nkosi